BSA Objective


  • To improve the caliber of educational institutions and take them to next level.
  • Facilitate students learning and nurture them into confident, responsible and competent human beings with a sensitive conscience and enable them to perform better in examination.


Brainy Academy provides unique Holistic programme for primary schools to impart scholastic academic skills and value to students through their subjects and innovative teaching techniques which will help teachers to facilitate student learning. Brainy Academy s is specially designed for schools who are keen to move ahead in their career, caliber, quality and proficiencies! It gives a professional edge to teachers, Mentors, students and their organizations too!We nurture teaching and learning strategies and empower students to be leaders in their own academics by designing curriculum which suits the needs and requirements of children and caters to the professional development of teachers and management as we believe all the three determine the outcome and success of education.


  1. Lesson plans manuals which include
    • Simplifying the hard points for quick and easy learning
    • Teaching concepts through activities and games for fun learning
    • Activities to develop higher order thinking skills in students
    • Worksheets to assess the students.
  2. Value based educational handbook which includes
    • Personality development activities which focuses character building
    • Life skill which aids students to deal effectively with challenges which they face in day to day life.
    • Academic excellence which includes study techniques
  3. Help schools improve efficiency through online teacher training and management training sessions.
  4. Innovative assessment system – which are formative and constructive.
  5. Institution auditing.
  6. Management Training.
  7. Online Parenting classes.


  • It helps in improving the scholastic and academic skills of students by empowering teachers and making them Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • It aids in upgradation of your institution
  • Simplification of tough/hard concepts and points which will enhance the learning process
  • Shaping personality through value based education and life skills
  • Improves proficiencies of teachers and students
  • Foster student centered learning and activities
  • Reduces workload of teachers
  • Professional training sessions for teachers and management
  • Follow up programs
  • Reasonable fee/charges

latest announcements

Admissions Opens 2017-2018

Admission open for teacher training and classes started from 15 October 2017 for more details please contact us 8884347666

Admissions Open

Admissions Open

Admission open for teacher training and classes started from 15 October 2017 for more…