Prerequisite To Open A Branch

Prerequisite To Open A Branch of Brainy Star

Parameters for a school building

  • The building should have minimum built- up area of 60 x 40 sq feet,

Preferably open area, as the Montessori philosophy does not have classrooms. 2400 Sq.Feet for International model and 2000 Sq.Feet for National model.

  • The building should also have a small open area to make it “Play Area”.
  • The building should be independent.
  • The building should be located in posh area.
  • The building should have a parking area which will be used for parking purpose of school van and parents vehicle.(if required)
  • The building should not be situated near highway and also not near open sewage drains.
  • The building near park is more preferred.
  • There should be no liquor shops near the building.
  • The building should not be located in the market area or near bus stop.
  • High tension electricity wires should not pass over the building.
  • The building should have stairs from inside leading to class rooms.

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Admissions Open

Admissions Open

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