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5 strategies for building community in the classroom

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Every student regardless of their community and branch can make it big, based on this thought a small enterprise is taken as a community classroom. A community classroom is a place that is composed of student who feels a sense of belonging and the goal is to learn together. A community classroom helps students to be connected to the teacher, peers and to be valued. Every student here is educated regardless of their difference. We believe that every student has talent that grows through formal learning. A community classroom provides a way for all students to be embraced, and maintain a positive relationship. Brainy Stars International Montessori & School in Bangalore do motivate the child not only to shine in the academic but even learns to respect each one’s community. We have another branch, Brainy Stars International School And Montessori, HBR Layout.

There are some top 10 schools in Bangalore, which does follow the curriculum of Montessori education and some strategies for building community in the classroom includes:-

  1. Decorating the classroom: The teacher is determined in decorating the classroom before the arrival of the children. Some area is left un-decorated so that the child helps the teacher with their creativity.

  3. Classroom Responsibility: Every student is given responsibility by assigning them a particular task, this makes the student feel that they are being valued, to them know how important they are to the classroom and the community and builds the confidence and gains the hope of doing anything.

  5. Co-develop behavior: Guiding the student how to behave in a class by setting rules like staying organized, communicating with your peers, being active listeners, and enjoying learning by activities.

  7. Work together towards a reward: By engaging the students with activities which involves the participation of all the students of the class and if the activity is done exemplary then they would be rewarded with points or gifts which will make them work in a team and know the strength of teamwork.

  9. Hold regular class meetings: Regular class meetings are held not only between the parent and the teacher but also between the student and the teacher where the child interacts and share about his activities which will build a bonding with the teacher and confidence of not being alone and the teacher will share the star or person of the week to build the sportsmanship in the student.

If you are in search of the best schools in Bangalore Brainy Stars International Montessori & School is one, as they have trained mentors and we do follow the strategies of building a community in the classroom to make our students feel free to approach the mentor, participate and shine high not only in their academics but at other places too. We believe that every child is unique and has his/her temperament and learning style.

If one is looking for good schools in Jayanagar 4th block, Bangalore or best school in HBR Layout, Brainy Stars International School And Montessori can be the best school for your child.

• Jayanagar Branch:
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Jayanagar 4th Block,
Bangalore – 560 041.
• +91 9742525888

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