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We Empower your Child with Knowledge

Homework and extracurricular increase as the child grows and gets promoted.

We Empower your Child with Knowledge

Knowledge is the core trait required for innovation. Knowledge allows imagination needs which are to be encouraged at every level and more so in kids. Brainy Stars International Montessori & School, the best school in Jayanagar, Bangalore, fosters creativity and problem-solving skills in their students towards facing the challenges of the future. Along the course of their growth, imagination can help kids deal with other kids and socialize; may it be at school or in the community.

This is because kids use their knowledge which in turn triggers their thirst for imagination to create stories or characters to play out these stories. This trait makes the kids more confident in themselves due to the required knowledge that they can narrate at length about different scenarios they bring up. Kids need to be encouraged, though at times it may look funny when they picture their friends or family members in the stories. Knowledge is thus, the sum total of all activities we do at Brainy Stars International Montessori & School in Bangalore to empower your child.

We, at Brainy Stars International Montessori & School gives immense thrust in our teaching methodology to the above mentioned traits that empower your child with knowledge.

In finer words, time management is about accomplishing any tasks or assignment within a preset time frame. This is the ‘work-life’ balance for kids as they balance between the structured routine as in a preschool and unstructured routine which is free play, idling, etc.

Thus, it becomes important to nurture time management skills in children. Homework and extracurricular increase as the child grows and gets promoted, so it’s even more important that kids learn how to set goals, prioritize, organize, and think flexibly. Our goal is to get your child to manage his time more purposefully, without a lot of nagging and hovering.

Ability in taking their own decisions is not limited to children. But the roots are from the childhood. Even to choose which toy from the lot, requires to make decision. Weighing the benefits the child is helped to take a decision, so that in future too decisions relate to benefit directly or indirectly.

Though it may appear that your child is too early to learn about managing money and basics of budgeting, they are oriented so to understand the value of money. They will gradually pick on the go; but initiation should start.

Preserving our natural ecosystem and other components in the environment on which we are dependent is known as environmental conservation. Our environment, which gives us all the necessary elements for our survival, is now in danger with our activities.

Knowledge about the ill effects include deforestation, pollution, overfishing, natural habitat destruction, etc. is imparted to our students.

One needs to be both adaptable and resilient in our lives. If we expect change, we can build our resilience and find ways of moving forward. If we practice adaptability, we can create more resilient lives and workplaces. We empower our students at Brainy Stars International Montessori & School, top 10 schools Jayanagar Bangalore with adequate knowledge by addressing the basics. The required traits and skills are taught as required at every level.

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