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What Is Montessori Education?

montessori education

“Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein

Good education and the education system make a strong foundation for the future. The Montessori education is a unique form of early education based on activities rather than any formal teaching that seeks to develop the interest in a young child. Montessori method of education emphasizes child-led learning and creates interest in discovering new things. Dr. Maria Montessori introduced a new and unique method of teaching for the young child to develop interest and build the self-confidence of a child. There are many schools in Bangalore but one of the best schools is Brainy Stars International Montessori & School as we have well-trained teachers and teaching staff to care about your child’s safety.

Importance of Montessori education to a young child:

Some principles followed at a best Montessori school:

At Bangalore not all Montessori are accredited (recognized), only a few are accredited.  The school with accredited Montessori has well-trained mentors on the above-based Principles. At Brainy Stars International Montessori & School mentors are well-trained and certified. Our school understands the emotions of parents and they love to the young once, so our teachers give equal importance to every individual child.

So, if you want to bring out the best in your child, want them to be interactive, creative, innovative, and successful, Brainy Stars International Montessori and School gives every child the platform to explore, learn, and grow.

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