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Brainy Stars Education Foundation was founded in the year 2013 to promote Holistic Education in India.

Our knowledge partner is Adni International School, Malaysia which is headed by world renowned educationist Dr. Hasni Muhammad.

During this short span of four years the organization has enriched itself with huge knowledge and experience in the field of education.

The foundation has created a brand” Brainy Stars School”. There are thirty eight Brainy Stars School across the country, including five schools owned by the foundation in Bangalore, apart from an international school which will (In Sha Allah) start in the next academic year in Bangalore. These institutions practices holistic education approach.

The foundation, with the research team has developed following products.

  1. Brainy Stars International Montessories: These Montessories have curriculum with value education. These schools are of two types viz;
  2. a)Where the students are Muslims. In these schools Islamic thoughts are integrated and Islamic studies is a subject.
  3. b)Where the students are from various faiths. In these schools values are integrated with curriculum. For muslims students separate classes for Islamic studies are held.

2)  Teachers Training Academy: the major stakeholders in school education are teachers. If we improve teachers the quality of education will improve. To train teachers for holistic education we have started an online teachers training academy. Ladies who have passed 10+2 can take admission in this course. While the course will improve their English communication skill, it will also teach them skills of teaching.

3) Brainy Stars learning Academy: This academy helps existing schools to improve their performance in academic and non-academic domain.

We would like to work with human welfare trust in the following areas:

1)      Establishing Quality Schools, with holistic approach of education.

2)      Training ladies to become teachers.

3)      Improving the quality of existing schools/ capacity building of the existing schools.

In Sha Allah together we can bring change by introducing holistic approach of education.

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Mobile ; 8884347666

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Admissions Opens 2017-2018

Admission open for teacher training and classes started from 15 October 2017 for more details please contact us 8884347666

Admissions Open

Admissions Open

Admission open for teacher training and classes started from 15 October 2017 for more…