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Brainy Board Of Directors

Brainy Board Of Directors


Mr. D. Hyder Vali

Mr. Hyder Vali is a successful person of Bangalore. A law graduate from Bangalore University, practiced law for a few years before entering into international business of stone and stone products. His company of stone: Stone Park Pvt. Ltd., has reputation in the international market. A decade ago he has also entered into Information Technology (IT) by establishing a company known as Hyva IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Apart from providing hi-tech IT Solutions to off-shore clients; the company has its own products. Mr. Hyder Vali, known for his business acumen have been rendering services towards welfare and upliftment of the community and society. Apart from philanthropist activities he has been engaged in educating, training and motivating youth (boys and girls) to live a successful, happy and purposeful life. He is founder of DMS Human Rights Foundation, which carries various welfare programmes.

Since his youthful days his passion is education. He has been involved in various educational projects including BET Bangalore. He has been emphasizing on education which should be based on values and ethics. What he had conceptualized could see in “Brainy Stars International Holistic Montessori & school”. A person who has always believed on high quality, commitment, result, ethics and expansion will create a history in India.


Educating young minds is something we do with passion at our Brainy Stars Montessori Centres. Every child that comes on board doesn’t just learn from our carefully prepared environment, but also has something to teach us. With over 8 years of experience in this field, we are constantly enhancing our academic programme. While quality is our most important consideration in maintaining academic standards, we make sure that it is deftly woven with the fine thread of love and care. Our school is one of the best-designed Montessori environments in Bangalore city, and I am proud to say that this pleasant space is perfect for your little ones to explore, experiment, play and learn. I am a strong believer in the hands-on and play-based learning of the Dr. Maria Montessori. Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy is that ‘education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment,” was a great eye opener for me.


Mr. Jagdeesh R.P

Has a Dynamic leading experience of 15+ Years in Education Industry

Mr.Jagdeesh R.P is an incredible Academic Director

He is also the Vice President of KSEF

Served the Police Department in his earlier career

Served the Police Department in his earlier career

Innovative, Compassionate,  and Visionary

Gives very positive and warm support in requirement

Handled thoughest situations single handedly

Inspires Discipline in Children


Brainy Stars Montessori & School has been planned, designed and built with great care in order to create a secure, cheerful and interesting environment that enables the optimum development of children.

We believe that our school will be instrumental in moulding children’s minds and shaping their character to become successful and responsible citizens of the country. It will also be the safe place where they learn personal values, moral principles, social awareness and respect for fellow humans and nature.


Mr.Zulfikhar Ahmed Dalvi

Zulfikhar Ahmed Dalvi is Chief Administrative officer of Brainy Stars Foundation, he took over as Chief Administrative officer in the year 2018.

Zulfikhar spend his childhood in Bangalore and completed is Graduation here at Bangalore itself, but he added his Logistics Managements Course from Geneva – Switezland.

Zulfikhar worked in Multi National company at Saudi Arabia & Bahrain for 26 Years in various leaderships positions and with Global responsibilities. Most recently as Senior Regional Manager at Bahrain.

Zulfikhar brings his strong background in Technology and General Management to envision the schools future and to leverage the increasing role of technology in all aspects of our lives and how learning will evolve with its effective use. 


The primary objective of the institution is to bring about the harmonious blending between traditional & progressive methods of education in short our aim is to impart the best education with utmost care, love & understanding with the view of instilling into these young minds early to encourage the morale & ethical values, Good character, Discipline, Dedication, National outlook, Firm faith in all religions & an abiding spirit of service & sacrifice thus helping & encouraging them to develop a broader & healthier outlook in life as well as to build a Strong, Sovereign, Socialistic & Democratic Nation.


Mr.Syed Tanveer Ahmed

A renowned media person, is the editor of Karnataka Muslims, a fortnightly newspaper which has print and on-line editions.
He was student activist during his college days, served as all India Secretary of Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO). Played a vital role in various educational institutions including Shaheen Group of Institutions, Bidar; Jouhar Public School, Bidar and Wisdom Group of Institutions, Bidar.
He has passion towards formulating programmes for Islamic upbringing of children. For the purpose he has been publishing an Islamic Monthly Magazine for Children titled “Islamic Quiz” and for girls titled “Nisa”.
He has widely travelled and delivered lectures on various topics of community development in India and abroad.
He has been honoured with various award: Ambedkar Award for the contribution towards Dalit Literature and Sadbhavana Award etc.