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Summertime is the perfect time for both and brush up for the success in the next academic year. Though summer is a vacation time, it is also time for some creativity, fun, and some preparation for the subsequent year. There are numerous benefits of summer learning and it is for this reason that most schools have introduced summer camps. Brainy Stars International Montessori and School provides you the perfect opportunity to get your kids comfortable with learning and develop the skills that will help them succeed in school.

With every school now focusing on letting the children to enjoy their summer holidays, Brainy Stars International Montessori and School is one of the top schools in Jayanagar, Bangalore, with activities for summer learning that benefits your child.

Here are eight summer learning benefits for your child to enjoy.

Knowledge Retention: Your child’s information from the previous school year can be retained and expanded upon throughout the summer.

Avoiding Summer Learning Loss: Summer learning, commonly referred to as summer learning loss, is the possibility of losing academic abilities and knowledge over the summer break  Even some of the preschools in Jayanagar have included summer learning classes.

Enhancing Academic Performance: Summer learning can enhance academic performance since kids who take part in these activities typically perform better on standardised assessments.

Building Social Skills: We all know that kids enjoy the company of classmates and encouraging atmosphere.  Learning over the summer can give kids the chance to interact with classmates in an organised and encouraging atmosphere.  If you are looking for the best schools in Jayanagar, Bangalore that prepares your kids to enjoy the company of classmates, then Brainy Stars International Montessori and School has an encouraging atmosphere and best infrastructure.

Developing Confidence: Summer learning can help kids establish a good outlook on learning and increase their self-confidence in their skills.

Discovering New Interests: Summer learning can give kids the chance to discover new hobbies and interests that may not be taught in the normal school year.

Fostering Creativity: As kids may have more free time over the summer to engage in creative pursuits like writing, art, and music, summer learning can help kids develop their imaginations and creative thinking skills.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills: Summer learning can develop critical thinking abilities because it gives kids the chance to participate in activities that call for problem-solving and judgement.


As the school year is coming to an end, Brainy Stars International Montessori and School, is one of the best school to share some ways that you can make your child excited for their summer break by focusing on academic and fun activities.   We also provide a few strategies for incorporating summer learning into your child’s schedule for a successful summer.

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