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Schools in Jayanagar 4th block Bangalore

Jayanagar is known as the heart of South Bangalore, as it is located at the centre of south Bangalore. Jayanagar is a favourite spot for everyone. Jayanagar is not only known for its shopping, but also known for the best schools in Jayanagar 4th block. There are many top schools in Jayanagar Bangalore, but Brainy Stars International… Continue reading Schools in Jayanagar 4th block Bangalore

Teaching beyond Classroom Walls

Teaching and learning are no more confined only to the four walls of the classroom. Today’s children are more interested in learning beyond the classroom.  Teachers are expected to teach them in different methodologies or the way they want to learn. However, learning and teaching outside the classroom walls have its own advantages for both… Continue reading Teaching beyond Classroom Walls

Admissions open 2023-24