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Teaching beyond Classroom Walls

Beyond Classroom Wall

Teaching and learning are no more confined only to the four walls of the classroom. Today’s children are more interested in learning beyond the classroom.  Teachers are expected to teach them in different methodologies or the way they want to learn. However, learning and teaching outside the classroom walls have its own advantages for both the children and the faculty.

Learning beyond the classroom is more of learning through experience with all the senses involved, and experiential learning is essentially interdisciplinary. Brainy Stars International Holistic Montessori & School, one of the top 10 schools in Jayanagar, Bangalore, believes in and encourages teaching beyond classroom walls.

It is observed and found that children engaged in experiential learning outside the classroom have a more recalling capacity of the subjects, are highly motivated, and are good academic performers in the class/school. The students easily understand and assimilate the concepts through experiential learning. Internet and mobile technology are playing a significant role in unfolding opportunities in learning and teaching. Today’s children have so much exposure to the information that they know much more than their teachers and parents in certain aspects.

Learning beyond the classroom or experiential learning has honed the skills of the students in many ways, which are listed below.

In the development of personal and social skills

Enhancing the perception and observational skills

In understanding the concepts and correlating the relevance to the learning

Providing on-hand real-world experiences

Developing interest in a subject and enhancing intrinsic motivation to learn and excel

The teachers need to gear up and equip with new modes of teaching, including embracing the latest technological aids. Teaching and learning outside the four walls of the classroom include field trips, simulations, enactments, situation-based activities, experimental learning, and more. The audio-visual aids, online classes, etc., also contribute to and enhance the learning capabilities of the students, making it more interesting and fun.

Brainy Stars International Holistic Montessori & School, one of the top 10 schools in Jayanagar, Bangalore, goes by the principle “experience is the best teacher” incorporating new teaching methodologies to educate and teach their students. Emphasise activity-based and experiential learning.

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