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Impact of video games on studies

impact of video games

The ever-evolving lifestyle and technology have shaped the online and offline video games available today. Video games have a radical impact on children’s educational and personal life. It has been observed that video games influence the daily life of children. Through this blog we at Brainy Stars – one of the best schools in Jayanagar, Bengaluru help you better understand both the negative and positive impact of video games.

Video games are a distinctive form of entertainment as they help players to become part of the script. Video games have been around for a few decades, while today’s refined choices mandate players to pay undivided attention to the game. Players engross on a deeper level, emotionally and physically than people watching TV or a movie do.

The mental skills of children are enhanced by video games by means of quality, measurement, accomplishments of timely goals, resource utilization, concentration improvement, etc. Time management is polished in these games which augments the coordination between hand and eye activities.

These video games have a negative impact such as a dearth of physical activities which leads to eye weakness, obesity, muscular and skeletal disorder. Apart from these, children tend to skip social gatherings and it disturbs their personality in an adverse manner. The behaviour of children addicted to video games becomes aggressive and violent as they start to emulate the characters in the video game.

Parents can help their children to have a well-balanced life for their children. They can give a limited time to the children to play video games and coax them to play outdoor games. Parents must allow their children to play mind tools and educational video games to hone their skills and creative side. They must also make sure that the children do not indulge in violent video games in order to regulate the aggressive behaviour of their children.

It is very vital that parents must be aware of the content of video games. They must prohibit the children to play games at late night so that their focus and concentration develop. Playing outdoor games will help children foster good relationships in society. Parents must select the appropriate games as per the age of their children. Thus by monitoring and controlling the time spent on video games, parents can avoid the negative impacts on their children.

Video games in limited moderation help improve the creativity, learning, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills of children. They on the other perspective, develop hostile and violent behaviour, and stay aloof from society, badly impacting the mental and physical health of the children. We at Brainy Stars – one of the best schools in Jayanagar, help the students in engaging in activity-based learning with the support of their parents. We believe in the holistic all-round development of the students.

Video games are here to stay and are considered unwanted as it affects the studies of a student. We at Brainy Stars – one of the best schools in Jayanagar, do not advocate to hardcore gaming but instead moderated and time-framed video gaming. Our methodology is highly appreciated by parents as well as educators all over the country. With a holistic approach to education, the values we teach are drawn from the Indian Constitution, Indian culture, and divine books of all faiths.

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