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Interesting Indoor Games A Child Can Play At School

Play at School


Many schools have started to incorporate these games into the classroom. One reason is that these games encourage children to be attentive and focused. There are many indoor games for children, they can play at school those games are both engaging and informational. Indoor games are thus a good idea for children with a short attention span, as it gives them something to focus on that is tangible. This is one of the main reasons that preschools have also introduced various indoor games and if you are looking for a good preschool in Jayanagar, Bangalore, you must visit Brainy Stars International Montessori School.

Some indoor games that kids enjoy the most

1. Memory games: Playing memory games can help kids’ brains get more stimulation and improve their ability to focus. Examples include memory games and matching activities where children must match together sets of cards with words, pictures, or even just a list of objects. Students are encouraged to play memory activities at Brainy Stars International Montessori School in Jayanagar to strengthen their memory.

2. Board games: Children of all ages can have fun playing board games, which are traditional indoor games. Scrabble, Chess, and Checkers are a few of the most well-liked choices.

3. Arts & crafts: Making things with their hands allows children to express themselves in beautiful ways. In an era where every school encourages students to participate in the arts, one of the best schools in Jayanagar, Bangalore, is Brainy Stars International Montessori School, where children are encouraged to create artwork and crafts.

4. Building activities: By engaging in building activities, kids can develop their spatial and problem-solving skills. Examples include constructing with Legos or blocks, erecting structures from different materials, or using popsicle sticks to create objects.

5. Charades: Charades are a fun game where one person acts out a word or phrase without speaking, while the other players try to guess what they are trying to convey. This is the most loved game by all kids as it is full of fun and frolic.

6. Puzzles: Doing puzzles is a terrific way to exercise a child’s brain and develop their capacity for problem-solving. Crossword, Sudoku, and jigsaw puzzles are a few examples. Almost all schools have these games as their indoor activities and Brainy Stars International Montessori School is among the top 10 schools in Jayanagar, Bangalore engaging kids in such amazing games.

7. Games with music: Playing games with music can be a great way to get kids active while also enhancing their coordination and rhythm. Musical chairs and passing the ball are a few examples.

8. Role-playing games: Role-playing games can help kids build their social skills, as well as their capacity for empathy and communication. Examples include acting out various scenarios or situations while pretending to be physicians, professors, or chefs.


What shouldn’t be surprising is that kids prefer to play in class. In a safe setting, they can develop new talents and hobbies. Your classroom needs fun, age-appropriate activities to encourage learning. At Brainy Stars International Montessori School, we encourage kids to play indoor games that will help them learn new skills and explore their interests.

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