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The Role of the Montessori Teacher: Guide, Mentor, and Facilitator

The Role of the Montessori Teacher: Guide, Mentor, and Facilitator


The Montessori teacher is a guide, mentor, and facilitator in a classroom, fostering independence, curiosity, and learning. They provide personalized guidance, and nurturing relationships, and empower students to become self-directed learners and develop essential life skills for success.

Montessori teachers – How are they different from other Teachers?

One of the biggest differences between a Montessori teacher and a traditional one is the level of confidence they have in their children’s abilities. It’s a huge leap of faith to say, ‘Follow the child.’ It’s much easier to tell the kids, ‘Follow me and you won’t get lost.’ But with lots of practice and planning, the Montessori teacher is always aware of where each child is going and works actively to help them get there.

At Brainy Stars, the most well-known Montessori preschool in Jaya Nagar, the role of Montessori teachers is not focused on teaching. Their role is to prepare and organize learning materials to suit the needs and interests of Montessori kids. The focus is more on children learning rather than teachers teaching.

The Montessori teacher works as a facilitator and guide at Brainy Stars. The Montessori teacher creates a well-prepared environment of learning and curiosity to move students from activity to activity and level to level.

A Montessori teacher takes a back seat while children are working. They learn from their discoveries and come to their conclusions. Instead of giving children answers, they ask them how they will solve the problem. This actively engages children in learning and improves their critical thinking skills. Most of the time, children learn from their environment and other kids, not the teacher.

Montessori lessons focus on the most fundamental information needed for children to do work: what materials are, where they are, how they are used, and what they are used for. Brainy Stars, the best schools near jayanagar Bangalore is an exclusive set up for Montessori education.

A Montessori teacher is a scientific observer of children. They do not use rewards and punishment for good or bad work. A Montessori teacher never criticizes or interferes with a child’s work. A child’s personality has room to develop only in a trusting environment. Children must be allowed to choose their activities and learn to act freely. According to Dr Montessori, this is real work and the child will reveal his true character when he finds work that demands his full attention.

The inability to follow the Montessori approach is a common problem. Good training is important, but understanding the correct teaching techniques and materials is just the beginning. Verbal recitation can backfire as it can give new incumbents the illusion that their teaching is successful. As mentors, they function as teaching partners and individualized development. Mentors at Brainy Stars, the top school among the schools in Jayanagar 4th block Bangalore also celebrate the successes of the new students, promote their interests and passions, and address their frustration and exhaustion.


Montessori teachers focus on observing each child and presenting individual lessons when they are ready. They observe, help choose activities, answer questions, and pose provocative questions to promote learning. They do not manage classroom behaviour, as students are actively engaged in their chosen activities. The teacher controls the environment, not the children, and thus serves as a guide, mentor, and friend.

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