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Encouraging Innovation and Curiosity Among Students


When it comes to innovative ways of teaching or learning, there are a few learning technologies and tools that come to mind. Ultimately, these technologies can improve a teacher’s ability to engage pupils by providing more resources and interactive activities. For instance, using a creative whiteboard in a classroom makes it more student-centric and customised to the learner’s learning preferences. Another innovative way of teaching is to use technologies that can improve communication between parents, teachers and students. For example, using digital calendars in a classroom, using gamified learning platforms and incorporating digital content in courses are some of the innovative ways of teaching and learning. Therefore, creative methods promote student interest and enrich the learning environment. You will get to experience these innovations when you visit Brainy Stars International Montessori & School, the best school in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Examples of innovative approaches used in classrooms include,


Smartboards in the classroom increase productivity while improving the learning environment. Teachers can display more graphics on the interactive whiteboard. Students can collaborate in real-time, play videos and comment on the display. As a result, lessons become more engaging and classrooms become more interesting. For example, students may find it easier to review lecture notes with the help of a smartboard.

Computers and Tablets

The instructional games, movies and new media features integrated into modern technology such as PCs, laptops and tablets provide teachers with access to more up-to-date locations. This allows students to learn how to use a computer, the Internet, databases and other resources for research and learning.

Virtual Reality

The use of virtual reality (VR) in the classroom and other settings is becoming more and more popular. With the help of modern technologies, teachers can come up with creative ways to teach pupils on any subject. For example, students can plan virtual field trips to gain new knowledge and a better understanding of the topic.

When students play an immersive virtual reality game that puts them in the body of a human cell using interactive activities, they learn about each part of the cell in real time.

Social Media

Social media can also be used by teachers to connect students with the material they’re studying. For example, a social science teacher could create social groups, use hashtags on relevant topics, and other opportunities to engage students. For example, an instructor could create a Facebook page where discussion topics could be published, such as topics related to Harappa culture, and students could add questions or comments while reading. Instructors could post a series of photos and ask students to share links to related videos or articles.

In addition to enriching the learning experience, incorporating innovative approaches such as technology in the classroom has other benefits.

These include:

Connecting teachers and students

With the help of technology, both teachers and students were able to easily access the class materials at any time with lessons, support videos and graphics uploaded on Google Classroom, and upcoming assignments displayed on the shared calendar.

Interactive learning experiences

The use of smart technology in the classroom increased the students’ involvement. With technology, teachers can easily communicate their ideas by using interactive media to illustrate their methods. Whether you are creating wiki pages with your class notes, or playing educational games on your tablet, students can engage with technology no matter what the task is.


Students love to play with technological gadgets. They can hold their attention with the help of videos, graphics, etc. Fun technology makes students curious and keeps them interested in learning. It also creates intrinsic motivation, which in turn builds students’ morale and makes teaching easier.


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Innovative solutions provide teachers with access to innovative tools while also allowing them to be more creative and involved. Good teachers understand the benefits of using technology in the classroom. They are constantly looking for new ways to make their lessons unique and stand out from others.

See how Brainy Stars prepares teachers to use technology to transform classrooms into interactive learning environments.

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