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The Power of Empathy in the Classroom

Empathy in the Classroom


A teacher has the authority and privilege to influence the way students think about themselves and the way they learn. What’s more, teachers are responsible for preparing their students to navigate an ever-changing world and this can be achieved by having empathy.

When a teacher teaches with empathy, they release empathy into students’ learning pathways. This allows cognitive and emotional abilities to align. This alignment helps students develop the hard as well as soft skills that are necessary to comprehend and participate in interconnected realms of exchange and impact.

Empathy at school is the ability to understand and care for others, to put oneself in their shoes, and to empathize with them. It is a powerful concept that can be used to create a more loving and supportive learning environment for students and teachers. Our students deserve to see themselves through the eyes of a compassionate witness and to learn to apply that witness to others. By choosing to see ourselves as we are and as we could be, we are better equipped to teach and demonstrate to our students that they can be wise, compassionate, effective, gentle, accomplished, and kind all at the same time.

Empathy is the ability to put oneself in someone else’s shoes, try to empathize with their feelings, and show compassion. It is essential for building positive relationships between students and teachers at an early age.

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Here are some simple ways to extend empathy at school:

Listen actively: When someone talks, pay attention and express in gestures to acknowledge what they’re saying. This helps people feel valued and understood.

Respect differences: We’re all unique. Embrace diversity and respect the differences among your classmates. Don’t judge people either on their appearances or backgrounds.

Help others: Offer support when someone is struggling. Be a good friend and support each other through challenges.

Be kind: Subtle acts of kindness acknowledging the work/favour done have far-reaching effects. Saying words like thanks or please, and offering compliments, make people feel appreciated.

Share your feelings: It’s OK to talk about your feelings. Talk to a teacher or counsellor if you’re feeling sad, anxious or angry.

Forgive and apologize: We all make mistakes. If you hurt someone’s feelings, apologize sincerely. And if someone apologizes to you, forgive them. It’s how we learn and grow.

Include everyone: Invite classmates to join your activities and games. Nobody likes to feel left out.

Teamwork: In group projects, work together and be patient with your peers. Cooperation helps everyone succeed.

Be patient: Some students may learn at a different pace. Be patient and offer help when needed.


By extending empathy at school, you create a warm and supportive community where everyone can learn and grow together. It’s a simple but powerful way to make your school a better place for everyone. Among the best schools in Jayanagar Bangalore, Brainy Stars International Montessori & School is a pioneer in this direction.

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