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Steps to Smarter Studying

Smarter Studying
Make a calendar or time table of what to study and how much to study every day.

Steps to Smarter Studying

Grades matter a lot both for students and parents in this competitive world. They are always on the lookout for ways and means to improve on studying to score well. No student is born knowing how to study or is perfect at learning. One should know/try to learn smart. The smart study makes it easier for you to learn faster and efficiently and retain information for a longer time. Smart studying is essential as you move up to higher grades. So here are a few steps to studying smart.

Learning through multiple ways: Learn the same concepts through variety of ways, listening to the audio, writing down the concept, explaining it others etc.
Multiple subjects daily: It is more effective to study multiple subjects every day rather than one or two. It helps you to stay focussed.

Pay attention and sit at the front: Pay attention in the class and prefer to sit in the front rows so that you can hear the teacher better and your concentration also improves.
Take notes: Write down the key points of the lesson or the concept. It becomes easy to understand and memorise it.

Have a study routine and plan ahead for tests/projects: Make a calendar or time table of what to study and how much to study every day. In case of test or projects always start the preparation before the scheduled date, so that no hurry or worry at the last moment.

Break it small: If there is more to study, break it into small portions or chunks. Say for example if you have 50 spellings to memorize, break them into 5-10 words to be learnt at different intervals of time. Same with lengthy answers or concepts, break them into small paragraphs so that you don’t feel the burden.
If stuck, seek help: Do not hesitate to ask or seek help when you are confused or unable to understand the lessons or concepts.

Loud reading: Reading loud always helps, when read loud you hear what you see. While reading underline the key points or equation and move ahead. Once completed, read the key points loud until you are confident.

Good sleep & exercise: Regular exercise and good sleep is necessary for the body and the brain to function better.
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