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Benefits of reading bedtime stories for kids

Bedtime Stories
Most of the stories for kids are conveying the message of different positive traits like kindness, honesty, determination, etc.

Benefits of reading bedtime stories for kids

Brainy Stars International Montessori and School in Jayanagar, Bangalore believes that many things are meant to be done together. As parents, telling stories in bed to your kid is a special time for you too. Reading to your children is enjoyable for them and a nice way to give them a smooth feel during their evening routine, but do you know just how informative and crucial this activity is? In your role of parenting, you selflessly do so much for your child though you are tired after a day’s work or don’t have time. It is joyful to know that the time and efforts you have invested in reading stories to your child are having a tremendous positive impact on their lives. Read on to know the multiple benefits of reading bedtime stories for kids that unroll in them.

Stories Develop Creativity and Imagination: Stories can open up imaginary situations, which are far more than actual experiences. In real life, how one can sleep in clouds and move along with them as the cloud moves. Kids develop creative ideas and trigger their thoughts to imagine their world. They try incorporating what they have learned in their fantasy and symbolic play.

Stories add up to vocabulary: Stories give kids adequate exposure to a wide range of vocabulary that covers in general, language as well as topics. By the age of 5 children can understand about 24,000 words, but this is likely only if they are regular in listening to bedtime stories.

Stories sharpen listening skills: Listening is not hearing. Apart from the ability to hear well, listening is connected to what our brain understands and how it uses the sounds we take in and process. Thus listening is hearing with understanding. Children who are capable enough to listen to others and expedite what is being said, manage to effectively follow directions while in school and at home. They take in many details about every aspect that goes on around them through their listening skills. Kids who are good listeners grow to be more successful in speaking, socializing, and communicating, which can build trust and respect among peers.

Such children are more likely to be heard and understood, which can earn them a certain sense of belonging and emotional satisfaction. By and large, kids who are effective listeners do better at home and in school.

The span of Concentration increases: As the child grows, his attention span needs to expand to perform better at school and later in life. The best way to do this is to engage them in activities that make them concentrate and hold their attention for a longer time. Stories are the perfect match for this because few children would be satisfied to stop a story halfway and not find out how it ends.

As the story grows to be interesting, kids push themselves to sit a little longer than normal and pay attention.

Gaining Knowledge: Stories can impart knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Pick any lesson, and convert them to stories or interactive sessions. Observe how quickly you can send the message across. Kids will find it more interesting than the conventional teaching method and without realizing it, the kids understand the story, because they will merely be having fun by listening to know what happens next.

Values and morals: Most of the stories for kids are conveying the message of different positive traits like kindness, honesty, determination, etc. So bedtime stories are best suited to cultivate moral values in their lives. So that future challenges around them are met, it is essential to teach your children the correct values. They can in turn influence the world for the better.

No better examples are there to teach their children than their parents. We teach our children values to help them refine themselves. One of the best ways to ensure you are setting the right example is to put into practice what you preach. Live your values, don’t merely talk about them with your kids.

Problem Solving: Every good story is with some or other problems and challenges wanting a solution. The characters in the stories are often faced with difficult situations where they are forced with no other option, but to navigate and find solutions to it. Problem-solving is an important skill for both children and adults. Example: Children are exposed to problems in their everyday lives – how to build a ramp for their construction, how to resolve a conflict with a friend, and how to get the water-sand proportion correct so that the mud pie stays intact.

They need to acquire these skills by practicing regularly. This can be done through play, problem-solving activities, watching adults solve similar problems, or listening to stories.
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