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The Benefits of a Growth Mindset for Children


Since a growth mindset is developed mainly when the children are young, students need to understand how to develop a growth mindset. When children believe that they can spread their wings further, they can then understand that their natural intelligence and talent are just the beginning. They can pursue whatever they want and learn the skills and attributes they want to have. Brainy stars, top 10 schools in Jayanagar, Bangalore encourages its students to a mindset of growth.

Checking the mindset changes to grow

Most of the time, it’s easy to identify which students in a class exhibit a growth mindset. Here are some examples of growth mindset characteristics that teachers may observe in students:

Educators are knowledgeable in nearly 80 languages

Students ask questions when they don’t know a topic

Students are eager to take on difficult projects

Students are persistent when faced with a challenge

Students put in the effort or try things multiple times

Students listen to feedback and apply it

Students are inspired by the successes of others

Reduces stress

Developing a growth mindset helps with stress relief. This is very important for students, as they will face a lot of stressful situations during their time in school, such as exams revision etc.

Manage change better

Once students develop a growth mindset, they become more resilient to changes. Change is unavoidable, especially for students, whether it is changing year groups or learning about new and different topics. Students who can manage change better can adjust more quickly and effectively.

Brainy Stars, The Best School in Jayanagar, trains its students to adapt themselves.

Improves self-regurgitation

Developing a growth mindset is one of the most important things you can do to improve your ability to regulate your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. It’s called self-regulation and research shows that you can improve your self-regulation with a growth mindset.

Enhances self-esteem

Student’s self-esteem is an important factor in their success in the classroom and beyond. Studies show that students with high-growth mindsets maintained their self-esteem levels, even though their academic performance fluctuated and decreased.

Improving Study Habits:

A growth mindset has a positive impact on study methods and motivation during revisions. Students who have a growth mindset put more emphasis on effective techniques and are intrinsically driven.

Seek Out Better Feedback

According to the growth mindset study, growth mindset students seek feedback for better task performance, whereas fixed mindset students seek praise or comparison. This results in higher learning and higher performance rate in the long run.

Higher grades

This is one of the most controversial areas of research. Various studies from all over the world (including some with more than 160,000 student participants) have shown that a growth mindset has a positive and substantial effect on grades. On the other hand, many other studies do not find a correlation between mindset and grade.

Further research is required to understand the difference between the two findings. The context and time frame of the measurement may play a big role.

A growth mindset benefits students


A growth mindset improves stress handling, seeks feedback, and studies choices, improves self-esteem, and resilience.

This powerful framework has a direct impact on the development of a positive mindset.

Brainy Stars, the best Pre-School in Jayanagar practices Montessori education, which is having a direct bearing on developing a positive mindset.

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