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How to Foster a Love of Reading in Your Child


One of the best presents you can give your kids is to help them develop a love of reading; it fosters empathy, imagination, and critical thinking abilities and is essential for academic success. Getting your child to appreciate reading, however, can be difficult, especially in the digital era of today, where there are countless diversions. At Brainy Stars International Montessori School, our goal is to instill a love of reading in children.

Making reading enjoyable is the best way to develop imagination, language skills, and capacity for lifelong learning. The top school in Jayanagar, Bangalore, Brainy Stars International Montessori and School, follows some steps to ensure children develop a love for reading.

Being a Reading Role Model: Children frequently mimic actions, so our teachers show them they enjoy reading. We encourage children to make reading a regular part of their schedule by setting up a scheduled time for reading each day. When a child sees someone reading and having fun with books, they’re more likely to get interested in them themselves.

Establish a Reading-Friendly Setting: A comfortable reading nook or space should be designated at home for children to unwind with books. Age-appropriate books should be arranged properly, and the area should be cozy with good lighting.

Reading Aloud to Children: Reading aloud to children while sharing stories with them is another way to boost their interest in reading. We choose books with captivating narratives, colorful illustrations, and age-appropriate themes. Our teachers make it enjoyable by giving each character a distinctive voice and encouraging conversation by asking questions for children to answer and understanding their engagement with reading.

Take students to the library:  We take our students to the library frequently. We also encourage storytelling sessions and other events to enhance the child’s reading experience. At Brainy Stars International Montessori and Schoolstorytelling activities encourage students to read stories.

Make reading interactive: We make reading interactive by including the child in the reading process, encouraging participation by having them guess what will happen next, talking about their preferred characters, or retelling the tale in their own words. We use objects or act out situations to make reading more immersive and pleasant.

Encourage Book Discussions: Encourage book discussions about the books they have read as it is one of the best ways to develop a liking for reading. It promotes critical thinking and analytical skills in addition to helping them build their comprehension capabilities.

Embrace technology: Using online tools improves the child’s reading experience. Various reading-related interactive e-books, educational apps, and websites provide stories, games, and exercises. As an aid to traditional reading materials, use technology.


The ability to read is crucial since it can expand one’s horizons and foster imagination. The above methods will create an enjoyable environment that motivates children to read more. Brainy Stars International Montessori and School is the best school in Jayanagar, Bangalore, with a well-thought-out and structured curriculum and innovative methods for the overall development of the child.

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