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The Role of the Prepared Environment in Montessori Education

What is the prepared environment?

The prepared environment is to create a clean, spacious, well-organized, learning base for the students enabling them to actively participate in the Montessori classrooms.  

The prepared environment at Brainy Stars, one of the top 10 schools in Jayanagar Bangalore, ensures to provide the students with visually appealing materials, toys, and other classroom stuff. 

Why is the prepared environment important in Montessori?

Gone are the days when children were admitted to school just to keep them off home and to serve as a good time pass for them.  These days society is very demanding, expecting every child to have and develop a skill-set which has a main role to play in a child’s future.  Activity-based learning is the new norm and every parent would want their child to learn, explore, and experience here.  Also, the activities are designed keeping in mind each child’s interests, abilities, and developmental needs with a focus on building their communication skills. Concept-based learning in the Montessori years helps develop deeper understanding thus enabling a lifelong love and yearning for learning among children.  The Montessori activities not only help to develop the reading and writing skills but also help develop linguistic, listening, and speaking skills. 

Montessori has pioneered the concept that an environment can be specifically designed to encourage and facilitate independent learning among children. The role of the prepared environment in Montessori education ensures that the children are able to have access to what they need to function in this space smoothly and safely. The Montessori classroom at Brainy Stars, the best preschool in Jayanagar is a meticulously planned & prepared environment to maximize learning and growth in students. The beautifully displayed and organized materials are all kept within the child’s reach.  Our warm, clean, and hygienic space welcomes children with open arms to come along and participate in all the activities.  Thus we keep the child’s specific needs for development in mind.

To sum up, some components of a proper and prepared Montessori environment include plants, small furniture, display of colourful art, low shelving, neutral walls and furnishing. Also, ample airy open space and a designated place for children to keep their personal items such as lunch bags, caps, jackets; shoes, etc. A designated place has to be assigned for display of completed art or other models and projects.

For those looking to admit their children to a good, healthy and spacious preschool, a visit to Brainy Stars, one of the top 10 schools in Jayanagar, Bangalore, is a must.



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