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Top 10 tips to prepare your child for preschool

The word SCHOOL is a nostalgic feeling in each one’s life. It just reminds us of the days spent with our mother-like teachers, friends, a new building, a playground, the music class where we use to learn nursery rhymes with music and act with expression, etc. Every child is scared of school at first but as they get used to it, they love and enjoy going to school. Below are a few tips that may help you to make the new environment of school a comfortable and safe place for your child as a home.

Top 10 tips to prepare your child for schooling

  1. Act it out with your child as if you are in a school to prepare them for school and remove the fear of being away from home.
  2. Talk to the child about nursery before the first-day arrival of them in a positive way like they will have many more toys and a big playground to play, they have fun colours to read and write and many more.
  3. Visit the school of the siblings or cousins to create and enthuse fun learning.
  4. Work on changing their sleeping habits so that the child will not be fussy or anxious about going to school.
  5. Make the child recognize alphabets and numbers and train them to learn to write the alphabets with colours to improve their motor skills.
  6. Read books at bedtime to make them curious about learning and help them to read some words as the name on the book or name of the house etc.
  7. Encourage the child to self-feed by packing the food of the choice and they enjoy it.
  8. Train toilet uses independently where the child may leave the toilet flushed after used.
  9. Encourage the child to cooperate with their peer and share their toys, food, books, etc., and help each other.
  10. Express and acknowledge the feelings of the child about going to school.

Anything you can teach in an indoor classroom but can be taught outdoors too, teach them often in ways that are more enjoyable for children.

If you want to develop your child’s inelegancy or social skills then do not limit them up to the classroom, make the surrounding a learning activity. Do get involved in your kid’s school activity to help them learn more and enjoy learning and will be more eager and interested to learn.

As we all know that school is a second home for a child, so we do believe and do understand the emotion of you and your child, do put our efforts to give your child a cosy and safe place at our Brainy Stars International Montessori & School at Bangalore.

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