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What Makes Learning Fun?

Education is the seed of civilized life, so one needs to be civilized and updated with the changing world. We need to learn to ease our life. Learning and being educated is not easy, but learning has to happen.  A school or a parent should make the learning process fun so that the child gains interest and falls in love with learning. There are some modern methods of teaching and learning where the child learns in the real world. The best preschool always looks into the needs and interests of a child and encourages the child to choose their interest in learning.

Ways to make learning fun and interactive both by educator and guardian:

Incorporate the child’s interest in the method of learning. 

  • As the child may be an auditory learner, visual learner, or physical learner. You can include these strategies to help the child learn better.
  • Provide the child with a chance in helping with peer teaching and learning methods. When the student is given in charge of their learning or the learning of others, they are encouraged to learn the topic as thoroughly as possible.
  • As a parent, get involved in the educational activity when the child is actively participating. If you join in, then you build problem-solving skills and feel joyful when learning.
  • Hands-on learning opportunity, a child can grab more information while the child’s hands and brain are simultaneously engaged. This can be fulfilled by developing lessons and activities that bear students to talk, hear, and move. You can plan field trips like picnics and excursions as a part of the curriculum to provide the child with the opportunity to connect the abstract concepts inside the classroom to the real world.
  • Foster the child to utilize their imaginations by designing the lessons with role-playing or art and craft activities where the child will learn better and the learning lasts long.
  • Make abstract topics relevant by playing some educational games to keep the lesson interactive and bring the child’s interest in learning and develop the child’s thinking ability.
  • Utilize technology and assign digital projects as they love and adapt to the technology. It also keeps the child updated with the new technology and helps them in their future.

Top 10 schools in Jayanagar, Bangalore do look into the child learning pattern and make the learning fun by planning their curriculum based on RWL (real-world learning) method. Our curriculum at Brainy Stars International Montessori And School in Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore is well planned IHES (Integrated Holistic Education System) that gives equal priority to Heart, Mind and Soul in the Teaching and Learning Process of both Teachers and Students, where the child will enjoy learning and have fun. Our Educational Approach (IHES) in simple terms is understood as the combination of Montessori + Holistic + Conventional/Traditional Approaches, as we focus on the overall development of a child’s growth.


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